Ott Adventures L.L.C.

The Captain

Hello, my name is Capt. Bryan Ott, I hold a U.S. Coast Guard Master 50 ton license. Your safety is my number one priority. 


In my previous career I was a Senior Health Physicist (radiation safety dealing with nuclear material) which kept me away from home 65% of the time. I got my start in that field serving 9 years in the U.S. Navy. Specifically, I operated nuclear propulsion plants on submarines. Obviously there isn't much need for that skill set in the Port Canaveral area, so I made a career change and started Ott Adventures L.L.C.. 


Not taking this move lightly I went beyond what is required to be a charter boat captain. I could have settled on a U.S Coast Guard Operator of Uninspected Vessels (6 pack) license, but I set my goal higher and received a Master's license with a towing endorsement. I qualified for the higher rating because I have operated my current boat for the last 16 years in Oregon, Washington and now Florida. On one adventure a few years ago I traveled in my boat from Tampa Bay to Ft Myers in the Gulf of Mexico; through the inland water way and across Lake Okeechobee to Stuart. I lived on the boat and worked in the area for two months, then I traveled down the Atlantic Ocean to Key Largo and lived and worked there for another two months.


I am also an instrument rated private pilot and certified SCUBA diver. I like to have fun.


My job is making sure you have a great time on the water. I look forward to spending a day on the water with you.


Captain Bryan